Farchèt d'Ciampagna

In Ostana, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
In Ciampagna, its greenest fraction,
where the Monviso seems to fall on you.

The high house, at the end of the village.
Renovated with the originals stones and wood
by skilled and wise hands.

Exclusive apartments,
each dedicated to men and women
who made the history of Monviso.

For quiet but classy stays.

For those who know how to appriciate.

AlteStanzeOstana is the roost of the “Farchèt ed montagna” (mountain hawk in Piedmontese dialect) of Nino Costa's poetry.

The mountain hawk flies high, over peaks and glaciers, avoiding the abundant pasture of the plains, without compromise and without any master, whatever the cost.

A supreme hymn to the freedom that the mountains have always inspired.

Farchèt ëd montagna
che ‘l vent a compagna
su brich e giassé

la grassa pastura
dle tère ‘d pianura
va nen a cerché.

Sla ponta dle ròcher
sla crësta dle fiòche
tra nivola e sol

j’è gnun ch’at mercanda,
j’è gnun ch’at comanda,
‘t ses liber e sol.

Mei sente sla testa
l’afan dla tempesta,
la furia dël tron,

che meuire ‘d cancren-a
tra ‘l fer dla caden-a
e ‘l foètt dël padron.